Acknowledgements / Dędwadęnǫhǫnyǫ:ˀ

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following volunteers for the Cayuga Language Maintenance (Cayuga: Our Oral Legacy) project.



Ǫgwehǫ:weh Language Diploma student


Lindsay (Brook) Johnson

Ǫgwehǫ:weh Language Diploma student


Ghassan Al-Noubani

Computer programmer living in Jordan, who set up our website on the MochaHost server the first time


William Winnie

Computer programmer, who has been instrumental in restoring our website (after it was deleted by hackers in 2017).


We gratefully acknowledge / deyetinǫhǫnyǫ:ˀ the following organizations for their cash, in-kind, and intellectual contributions to the Cayuga Language Maintenance (Cayuga: Our Oral Legacy COOL) project:

Woodland Cultural Centre  Woodland Cultural Centre logo
Memorial University  Memorial University logo
Six Nations Language Commission  Six Nations Language Commission logo 
Six Nations Polytechnic  Six Nations Polytechnic logo
 CBC Legends  CBC logo
Gai Hon Nya: Ni' Gai Hon Nya: Ni' logo
Grand River Employment and Training  GREAT logo
Niagara Peninsula Area Aboriginal Management Board  NPAAMB logo
Thru The Red Door Studios  
Stoneridge Daycare   

Great Lakes Research Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Arts and Cultures