Sacred and Sensitive Materials

These materials are not available to the general public. Community members can request access from the Language Department at the Woodland Cultural Centre.

  • Public accession list of Iroquoian language holdings at the Woodland Cultural Centre in PastPerfect (museum software). Describes approximately 1000 recordings. 
  • Haudenosaunee recordings from the American Philosophical Society: (description, including information about how to request access)
  • Transcripts of Alfred Key giving English and Cayuga synopses of Gaihwi:yo: (Code of Handsome Lake)
  • Transcripts and video of Alfred Key giving English and Cayuga synopses of the Cycle of Ceremonies at the Seneca Longhouse at Six Nations
  • Transcripts of Alfred Key giving English and Cayuga synopses of The Great Law. No Cayuga version exists; Alfred provided an explanation in English, with some Cayuga words added, and discussed the ceremonies. He used these source books: Fenton, William N. 2010. The Great Law and the Longhouse: A Political History of the Iroquois Confederacy. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. Gibson, John Arthur. 1992. Concerning the League: The Iroquois League Tradition As Dictated in Onondaga. (Trans.) Hanni Woodbury. Winnipeg: Syracuse Univ Press.
  • Gaihwi:yo: (Code of Handsome Lake; 4-day-long ceremony). Digitized and incorporated into PHON software.
  • Cayuga Conversations (12 reel-to-reel recordings). Digitized and incorporated into PHON software.
  • Manual for Code of Handsome Lake Project in PHON. May 27th 2013. Stephanie Pile.