Acknowledgements: Nya:węh

This spelling manual is a revised and expanded version of the description originally occurring in:

Mithun, Marianne and Reg Henry. 1984. Watewayęstanih. A Cayuga teaching grammar. Brantford, Ontario: Woodland Indian Cultural Educational Centre.

This version of the spelling manual has been modified for the Henry orthography, and takes into account many comments provided by Cayuga speakers during spelling workshops that took place in the summer of 2005.

This version of the Cayuga spelling manual is also in html format. You can either print up the manual, or you can view it on your computer. The advantage of viewing it on your computer is that you can also listen to many of the example Cayuga words.


Special thanks are extended to the following people and groups for their advice on this spelling manual.

Alfred Keye for the sound bites and comments.

Lottie Keye, Frances Froman, and Amos Key, Jr. for many constructive comments.

Marianne Mithun and the late Reg Henry; this manual is based on their description of the Cayuga spelling system.

Participants of a 2005 spelling workshops held at the Woodland Cultural Centre; in particular, thanks to Tom and Tracy Deer.

This manual is made possible by SSHRC funding (grant #856-2004-1082).