Syllables ending with H

Odd-numbered syllables ending with H are often whispered and shortened. Here are some examples comparing whispered and regular syllables. (Listen especially for the bolded syllables.)


Whispered (sounds like ehyátkwaˀ): ehyádǫ̲hkwaˀ pencil 

Regular ehyá:dǫh she writes 



Whispered (sounds like tęnáǫhaˀ): de̲hęnaǫháˀ they (m) race 

Regular: degęnaǫháˀ they (animals) are racers 


Whispered (sounds like khswáhęhs): gǫ̲hswáhęhs I hate you

Regular:: gǫnǫ́hweˀs I like you 


Whispered (sounds like sgá:ne:s): sa̲hsgá:ne:s you long for something 

Regular: hahsgá:ne:s he longs for something something 


Here are some observations about these examples:

  • Whispered syllables often sound like they've been shortened to a single consonant sound. For example, the syllables < de̲h > and  < dǫh > can sound just like a  [ t ] in de̲hęnaǫháˀ or ehyádǫ̲hkwaˀ.
  • It can be hard to even hear a whispered syllable, especially at the beginning of the word (as in sa̲hsgá:ne:s, gǫ̲hswáhęhs).