Grammar-driven Digital Dictionary for Cayuga

January 2013

The Cayuga Digital Dictionary has been updated! To download the updated versions, click HERE.

January 2012

The PC version of the e-dictionary was made available for download. The user manual was also updated.  

November 2011

The Mac version of the Cayuga digitial dictionary was made available for download .


May 2011

COOL is currently working on the development of a digital dictionary of Gayogoho:n??. This dictionary will be accessible online or on DVD and will allow people to look up words in either English or Gayogoho:n??. Once completed, the dictionary will even recognize mis-spelled words, so long as the spelling entered is close enough for the program to figure out what word you mean!

Ranjeet Kumar, our Fall 2010 and Winter 2011 GradSWEP who has been working on the development of the dictionary, tells us more about the project and how it works, below


The Grammar-driven Digital Dictionary for Cayuga

Written by: Ranjeet Kumar (MSc, Memorial, funded by Fall 2010 and Winter 2011 GradSWEP, and by SSHRC)

Ranjeet Kumar

Ranjeet Kumar

Cayuga uses a set of unique characters, in addition to the regular roman characters. Also, Cayuga words have special sounds (pronunciation). As a result, someone who has no prior knowledge of Cayuga may not enter a complete Cayuga word in the search field of the digital dictionary. This system is therefore designed to tolerate partially-correct words and base the search on incomplete words, unlike traditional digital dictionaries. Also, we facilitate a two-way (bilingual) search (Cayuga-English, and English-Cayuga).

A unique feature of Cayuga is the prevalence of prefixes and suffixes. The idea here is to design a grammar-driven dictionary where the user can search for words that (1) have the same prefix/suffix, or (2) are similar in construction. The current version of the project offers the following:

1. Selection of different dictionaries (Cayuga-English; Cayuga-French etc.)

2. Bilingual translation: The software displays results in Cayuga to English
and English to Cayuga.

3. Given a word ‘w’,
- 3a. Search returns all words that begin with ‘w’ along with their
meaning in the language of translation, for both Cayuga to English and English to
- 3b. Partial Search is similar to Search, but searches for all words that contain ‘w’. This feature is useful when the user only remembers part of the word.

4. Stem identification: This identifies the stem in a word, and produces search results for all
words that have the same stem.