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 NEW: WadewayÄ™stanih conversation (audio files)


Cayuga e-dictionary (for searching words from English-Cayuga and Cayuga-English)

  • How to use the dictionary (PDF)
  • Download the Cayuga e-dictionary:
    • MAC version (ZIP)
    • PC version (ZIP)


Cayuga Keyboard (for typing using the Henry Orthography)

  • You can download keyboard layouts for both PC and MAC computers, as well as a manual detailing how to install and use them
    • Keyboard layout and manual for Mac (ZIP).
    • Keyboard layout for Windows (ZIP) and manual (PDF)


CLAN (Computer Language Analysis) freeware for language documentation

  • CLAN for Mac (PDF)
  • CLAN for Windows (PDF)




Digitizing Software


About Unicode (PDF)