Cayuga Pronunciation Guide


/a/ father

/e/ weigh

/ę/ men (nasalized)

 /i/ police

/o/ hole

/ǫ/ home (nasalized)

/u/ blue.

(Note: Underlined vowels are voiceless or whispered.)

/´/ high pitch.



/t/ too

/d/ do

/k/ king

/g/ good (never soft g)

/j/ judge or adze

/s/ soon

/sh/ less heat (never the sh in shirt)

/sr/ shrine

/sy/ sure

/hw/ which (the sound made when you blow out a candle)

/h/ hi

/ts/ cats hide

/⁷/ (the sound before the first vowel in ‘uh-uh’)

/n/ noon

/r/ round

/w/ way

/y/ yes


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