Welcome to the Cayuga Language Website

Sgęnǫ! Cayugalanguage.ca is developed and maintained by the SSHRC-funded CURA project "Cayuga: Our Oral Legacy" (COOL), a joint endeavour between the Linguistics Department at Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Woodland Cultural Centre at Six Nations Reserve in Ontario.

This website was created in to share and promote Cayuga language reserouces and the work being done by the COOL Project.


Cayuga Teaching Grammar 2013 cover
    Cayuga Teaching Grammar by Tom Deer and Tracy Deer.
    This book can be purchased through the CreateSpace eStore or Amazon.com.
    Sample chapter 1: pdf  mp3
    Course material for Cayuga language students (restricted access):


    Wadewayęstanih: A Cayuga Teaching Grammar by Mithun and Henry
    This text is available for purchase here through CreateSpace.   
    The audio for the conversation files are available for free download here: audio files
    An audio CD will also be available for purchase soon.




  goga1bw.jpeg  Ǫgweh Goga:ˀ / Voices of Our People series
    The series consists of 10 illustrated children's books.
    Each book contains 2 Cayuga stories with an English translation provided in the back.
    Books can be purchased through the CreateSpace eStore in colour or in black and white.



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